Pushing Win-Win Business Growth


Create symbiosis by integrating strengths, yours and theirs. Look at how you can enhance both your existing customers and find commonalities as well as improving on each other’s weaker links for a win-win set up.

Business opportunities about for those who seek it, as a popular saying dictates. With the abundance of social media and all talks on analytics and engagement, growth hacking is a backside of it that presents a lot of opportunities. It’s taking another saying of striking the iron while it’s hot to another level, one if its own.

If there is one thing common to growth hackers, it is their differing styles of arriving at the same destination.

Doing Good Business

Founders of start up come to realize that creating strategic partnerships with bigger entities, influencers and associations provide good business pipeline.

A caveat however with most founders is that since mostly are engineers or technology thinkers, creating partnerships appears to be an art form for them. Negotiating, networking and nurturing relationships are quite unfamiliar for most.

A good start is to create the trust in between parties. One must ask if its business stands to gain a higher trust perception if it deals with another company with a built brand on good reputation.

This mirrors back to the startup as it is bundled with another business who has been in the business alongside a creditable track record.

Driving The Potential For Growth

An environment of partnership becomes invaluable structures for driving growth potential. Applications and products which complement your services be it a common goal or customer base, is green light to go and seek possible interaction. So much more if they have a bigger audience if you are the startup.

A strategy enabling a company to get through an existing market and winning it over while keeping the customers has become a staple in new market takeovers. But all that with taking the lion’s share of profits by turning the screws on the competition then eliminating it and highly setting the stage for long-term growth probable is called the profit share strategy. Underserved markets are where profit sharing strategy works well.

One that can take advantage of what is currently in the market, disrupting it and then disposing it as needed. With that said, only the hackers seek after the market entry gain.

Looping The Customers In

Dropbox offered storage space for free when users invited friends to join. Airbnb took advantage of cross post listing to drive further traffic back coming from Craigslist. http://www.afax.com enables businesses to send and receive documents online.

Facebook made use of user’s badges and widgets that can be embedded in their websites or blogs. Creating impressions amounting to billions in a month in turn converting to signups.

Creative techniques, if you want to call it, in funneling user take up rates, product purchase, or more clicks, sign ups and readership.

These growth hacking activities take data driven analysis to see if users will allow opening up their email addresses or social networks profiles to bring in pipelines for growth of businesses using these innovative steps.

Business Trends For 2016


An organization or economic system is where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit. Businesses can be privately owned, not-for-profit or state-owned. So what are the hit business trends this 2016? Read more to find out.

Web Based

Businesses that generate their revenue directly from their website fall into the web based business category. Such businesses are typically online retailers offering various products for sale from an online catalogue. The availability of Internet-based technology gives small businesses more control over brand development, marketing and customer engagement. While tech start-ups traditionally benefit most from these services, Internet tools provide affordable and attainable solutions for small businesses in every industry.

The needs of web based businesses go far beyond merely providing product information and collecting customer feedback. An entire system for places orders and handling financial transactions must be in place. Fortunately, there are numerous e-commerce solutions available. Most web hosts typically offer e-commerce plans for businesses wishing to venture into the world of online retailing, that’s why this will surely be a big trend this year and the following.

Usage Of EMV Payment Security

EMV, or “Europay, MasterCard, and Visa,” is vital to business security in 2016. The national migration to EMV payment standards (popularly recognized as microchip debit and credit cards) is virtually guaranteed to safeguard small businesses and their customers against fraud over the next year. As of October 2015, merchants in the U.S. are liable for any fraudulent transactions processed without EMV-enabled terminals. The government-mandated requirement was expedited as a result of large-scale data breaches and an influx of counterfeit cards in the U.S.

Usage Of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) software gathers fragmented data sets and translates it into information you can use to improve your business. BI has historically been used by large enterprises to curate, store and visualize what’s known as big data. The growth of Internet technology and big-data solutions make it possible for small businesses to take advantage of BI solutions.

Using And Making Apps To Make The Business Grow

In this day and age, any company worth its salt is expected to have a mobile app. This mentality has led some major companies to release apps. App mania isn’t just a consumer phenomenon.
Every self-styled entrepreneur with dreams of striking it rich believes that the app he or she is developing is the key to untold riches.

Business Online Tools

http://gmailfax.org, Skype, Dropbox, Social media automation tools and so on and so forth. Online tools are getting better and bigger. More and more software and tools are available online to make your business free flowing.

What Else?

There are many other things and trends not listed here for the list is too long. With so many changes coming to the business world in 2016, standing apart from other small businesses can be both exciting and challenging. Most of the services listed in this article offer free trials and tiered pricing plans to give your business a boost.

So which emerging technologies and trends do you think will provide value to your small business? What small business trends is your company following this year?


Becoming A Big Ship In Buildups

j0439597Don’t mistaken joint ventures with partnership. With the latter, the combination seeks to combine altogether creating a unified presence. It is now a big ship.

With joint venture marketing, given the agreed upon marketing and bottom line goals, the marketing and promotions plan is designed to take in both companies in unity to achieve its purpose. It is now an aircraft carrier.

There is a conjugal, if we may say, decision making existent with joint ventures. However we would want to do it, we decide on it together first. Mutually beneficial for both. Whereas with partnership, there is a dissolution of separation.

Of Partnerships Which Matter

JV, what is yours is mine. Partnership, we are created as one.

As the world is getting flatter by the nanoseconds, collaboration is all the more becoming pivotal a certain advantage and competency over competitors. So who said 2 heads are better than one? And this is true with joint ventures. Both become complementary and edge rounding the other.

Joint ventures are likened to honeymooners, destined to forever after a fairy tale wedding. But is it so?

According to a Mckinsey report an “estimated 40-60 percent of joint ventures,” on a macro level of business entities, “underperformed or failed outright.” The report says that what makes JVs click would be a clear understanding of existing business mechanics and aligned expectations, selection of partners is objective, a working structure that is fair and balanced, clear sense of exit options, and a check and balance of decision processes.

Becoming A Good Combination

Presenting-Stock-IncreaseSounds like a marriage after all? Good combination of great expectations with a clause on good separation strategy. Prenuptial agreement for 2 businesses.

True enough most failures come in when skipping steps – in a rush of the joining together — takes place. Most perhaps are thinking that should there be issues, a step back is possible later on in the game. This creates blind spots. As risks come in, struggles with response are not agile enough to prevent losses.

At times, business owners encounter situations primed for growth yet they feel that given the speed to market and vastness of the opportunity, they don’t have the necessary moving pieces coming together yet to grab it all at once.

A Specific Channel

That’s where joint ventures come in. It comes to mind when start ups, and even established ones, sense the cramps in terms of internally available skills or resources to tread on a specific marketing channel.

Still many are left skeptical of this setup thinking that by staying internal will ensure 100% profits intact. That joint venture split revenues.

Far from it, if execution is done properly, JV’s don’t deduct, it adds up. Be it for product offer, a promotional initiative or slice of the target market.

In marketing speak, JV is likened to co marketing or an alliance in strategy. Two companies combining separate efforts into one to pump revenues and brand equity.

Yet, given that almost 50% of these engagements fail, we look back to worthiness of efforts.

An Ideal Match

Loyal-Business-Loyal-Customers-The-123Print-BlogTwo companies looking at each other as an ideal match is a good way of getting faster and bigger when the time comes they become a joint venture couple. Skills and assets combined plus a great marketing plan to service delivery, life’s a punch.

But when revenues dry up, disputes become heated, as in most never to forever after invoke — irreconcilable difference hound the union.

It’s time to take stock and ponder. To save what is left or to call it quits. The decision will always be with you.